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Mod List!
Twilight Forest – Dimension Mod
Eternal Frost – DImension Mod
Dungeon Mobs – Mobs
Infernal Mobs – Mobs
Mutant Creatures – Mobs
Ruins – Structures/Dungeons
Dungeon Pack – Structures/Dungeons
XtraBiomesXL – Biomes Mod
Familiars – Pets
Millenaire – Quests + RPG
Mists of Riov – Gear + RPG
More Swords – Gear
More Bows – Gear
Rei’s Minimap – Map
Enchantment Plus – Choose Enchants
Bibliocraft – Showcase Items
Animal Bikes – Rideable Mobs
Damage Indicators – Mob HP
Iron Chest – More chests
Team Fortress 2 Teleporter – Teleporters
Better Furnaces – More Furnaces
Not Enough Items – Crafting Recipes
TreeCapitator – Chops trees
ID Resolver – Makes mods compatible
Mob Spawn Control – Spawn mobs in any biome
Optifine – Higher FPS
Inventory Tweaks – Organizes inventory and chests