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Brutal Legend Brutal Thought #4: Battle Axe

Brütal Legend the video game. Visit http://brutallegend.com for more info.

E3 2010 Press Conference – EA Gun Club

Get credit for the games you play. The EA Gun Club rewards EA FPS players. Sign up and get more info here: http://gunclub.ea.com/

Skate 2: The Take Back Squad

In Stores 1/23/09

EATV – Medal of Honor at E3

Samantha LaPerre from EATV talks to Medal of Honor director of marketing Craig Owens about what's new in the latest Medal of Honor and...

Army of Two Trailer 3

Army of Twofor PS3 and Xbox 360armyoftwo.ea.com

WAR Production Video Podcast #20 – Standards

This month Jeff Hickman, Senior Producer, shares with us details about Guild Standards and Standard Bearers. The Standards offer so many benefits to Guilds...