Everything WRONG with CS:GO

Sometimes, you need to vent out. Valve, please fix! Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE

Global Elite in 40 games?!

Buying CS:GO accounts.. I mean, that's gotta be quite a small and insignificant business right? Let me take you with me on an investigation. You're...

I hate csgo. I love csgo. I hate csgo. I love...

The circle of love & hate of CS:GO

Global Elite Funny Moments #4

Back at it again! Hit that bell button btw!

Esport on Mobile – Final part.

The final episode of this series! Almost a year after I first heard of it, today marks the end of this journey! Want to join...

Global Elite Funny Moments #3

Back at it again! 2 Videos in a week, this is madness! :D Really been having a lot of fun in CS lately, loving it! The...